World’s First Gaming Browser: Opera GX designed for the Gamer

World’s First Gaming Browser

World’s First Gaming Browser

The gaming industry is flourishing day by day. As more and more games are being developed number of gamers also increasing at a rapid pace. Esports becomes an industry of more than $800 billion. There are worldwide gaming competitions in which thousands of gamers from around the world take part and show their skills.

There are many companies who are targeting gamers and developing products to facilitate gamers. There are companies like Razer and ASUS who specifically built products for the gamers.

To facilitate gamers to play online game more efficiently, there is a product launch a company to which many won’t expect a gaming product.

Opera! Yes you heard it right. The oldest web browser company opera comes with an idea of gaming browser to enhance gaming skills of gamers. As opera developed browsers so they develop gaming browser known as Opera GX which will be helpful for both the gamers and the traditional users.

GX is the first gaming browser. Now a question pops up in your mind that “What actually a Gaming Browser and How it is different from the traditional browser” Well the answer to this question is that this browser includes the built in feature such as RAZER Chroma integration and CPU, RAM and Network use limiters. These features are designed for the gamers and can be found on every game related software and now these feature will be available first time for the web browser.

Other browsers like Chrome, Firefox or the traditional opera browser are develop for the general audience mean they have tools and feature which target the common audience. After the launch the Opera responded by saying that they have a desire to do something interesting for the people who love playing games so they develop a gaming browser which usually don’t found anywhere else. If you love playing games and have a keen interest in gaming then Opera GX is a browser specifically made for you.

Design made for Gamers:

When you download it for the first time, you are going to feel the difference from the first look as it is different from the traditional browser. It has a usually darker look which appeals users who love dark color. Apart from the dark look it has a customizable color platelet through which you can change its color to look exactly like game or mouse, keyboard or even PC. The browser starts with an animated logo which is introduces first time for the browser and it fascinates the users as it seems like the loading of a game.

Both the darker tone and the custom color platelet matches with the RAZER Chroma integration and custom sound effects designed for the gamers gives an astonishing experience to the users. If you change the color or the theme of the browser, it also reflects in your connected razer devices.

Gaming information:

Opera GX along with the gaming theme options brings another feature called GX Corner. With GX Corner users will get the news related to the games and the special deals and discounts on the games. The news provided to the users will be obtained from the gaming websites and it also depends on your location. You get those news which are relevant to your location or interest. The title of the games in the GX Corner and the game deals are selected by the opera staff themselves. They feature multiple deals from the Steam, Humble Bundle, and other platforms.

More Control to your Browser:

This browser is designed to give the users more control over the browser. With GX who have the ability to control the browser resources means you can control how much resources your browser can use and how much resources will be left for the other programs.

CPU Resource Limiter:

With this opera browser you get a feature called GX control in the menu with which you can control the allotment of the resources for opera GX including the ram, bandwidth, CPU and network. Many gamers sometimes feel the throttling of the CPU, this CPU limiter will minimize the throttling of CPU cores. A percentage is set by the users of how much this browser can use the CPU core.

RAM Limiter:

If you are one of those like me who uses many tabs while using a browser then you would also have information that more tabs means browser is sucking up the more RAM from your computers. This has a default RAM limiter feature which will control the ram usage and shuts the tabs which are sucking more ram and not in use for quite a long time.

Network Limiter:

There are lot of users who do multitasking in their browser. If you are someone who loved to play background music while playing game or play Netflix movies in this background then this browser coves you. Playing music or movies in the background while playing a game consumes a lot of bandwidth from your internet service provider. With the built in network limiter you have the option to allot the number of bandwidth size to the desired task. After the limited the task will be shut down.