Who is steering LHR-SKT motorway?


    LAHORE: Horrific incident takes place on 9th Sep, 20 when a family went to Sialkot via LHR-SKT M-11. During journey innocent family car out of fuel so they stop on edge of road. Husband of xyz went in search of fuel when some unknown barbarians came to his car and take women out of her car in front of her kids and dragged to bushes where they took the advantage and get raped. After all they snatched valuables from her and flew. When they start calling at 130 which is the helpline of motorway police no one answer to unfortunate call. According to sources after a long time police responds and said this territory is out of bound which is shocking to them. No doubt they are calling God wrath that don’t fulfilling their duties. They are not first who stole many others incidents are also reported due to unavailability of police at route SKT-LHR. Deployment of police is sole responsibility of NHMP. Unpredictable accident seen during my last visit on a same route just because of motorway police. Fence is also missing throughout the track no service areas and restrooms for public have been made which is necessity for such important routes which is jeopardizing situation day by day. Many stands for other services just like fuel stations and mosques everything is missing which make the reason for such incidents. CM Punjab takes the notice of heart wrenching incident and demands the report from the sitting IG of police Mr.Inam. Hope this action made example and save it from becoming mission impossible for travelers.

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