Marketing Strategies of Dubai Expo2020


Marketing strategies Expo2020

In recent years with the entry of several new marketing dimensions leverages another platform known as social media marketing. The marketing agencies throughout the world has major transformation.  Dubai expo2020 based on IMC (integrated marketing communication) which is besides different from the traditional marketing methods. The most opted channel by expo is digital marketing which is most tailored the demands based on characteristics of consumer behaviors. Companies cannot connect with all customers in large, broad or diverse markets. But they can divide such markets into groups of consumers or segments with distinct needs and wants.

Methodology: A pilot study conducted on the based on short open-ended questions, marketing team of expo were also be contacted to gather the information.

Expo is an event/activity where brands display and introduce their products to market. Subsequently Dubai 2020 expo is giving the platform to all over the world to display and exhibit well innovated new products. As new decade also started so they gave huge opportunity which is epitome of MICE meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. World expo2020 will be held in Dubai between 20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021. Official theme of expo is creating the future with three sub themes Mobility, sustainability, opportunity. It expects the visitors around 25 million. 180 countries are taking a part to promote the expo and communication strategies through digital marketing and destination marketing. Dubai already positions itself to (Definitely Dubai) and ranked itself to favored location to host other kinds of global events. Marketing and promotional efforts are basic activities to link any destinations or event with potential tourists both at national and international level. Dubai is keen interested to deploy variety of marketing strategies to reach the wider audience and generate leads. Ample of events and exhibitions are conducted to promote the expo and its concern activities. An air travel activation plan was launched last year by emirates airlines which include 40 aircraft emblazoned with Dubai expo 2020. Event marketing was not an easy because its amalgam with different industry sectors such as attractions, accommodation, and transportation. Markets also widely so determining customer preferences could be difficult.

International marketing campaign

Expo also collaborates with travel tour operators to make the event successful and allocate the marketing roles by giving profit percentage of every new prospect. These resellers are creating awareness globally by selling and advertising of tickets. These travel operators have their offices in all over the world so they are spreading the news and updates in agility. Many other partnerships are also elevated like emirates, etisalat, pepsi and co. Also, a global PR agency hired after a tender process, has been appointed to disseminate information in the global market about Expo 2020. As s major part of the campaigning is being led by re-sellers, we decided to explore the nature of the marketing strategies adopted by re-sellers. It has been observed from both these sources that digital marketing is the most widely used marketing strategy, besides the traditional marketing strategies used by them.



Marketing strategy No of travel operators Percentage
Yes its integrated to our marketing strategy 85 57%
Yes its define as a separate marketing strategy 48 32%
No we are doing digital marketing but no defined strategy 17 11%


Figure1: Graph showing the percentage of digital marketing strategies


The findings of the survey indicate that the marketing strategies used by 57% of the tour operators are digital marketing strategies integrated with their traditional marketing strategies. 85 of the 150 tour operators said that they had developed their marketing so that it is integrated with their usual marketing and presented as a single strategy. Besides this were 48 tour operators out of 150 (32%) who responded saying that they had developed a distinct digital marketing strategy for marketing their products. An additional 17 tour operators (11%) said they did have marketing strategies to promote their products but they had not systematically designed or defined them. In short, the role of re-sellers with separate marketing strategies plays a crucial role in marketing travel products in general and will play an equally significant role in promoting Expo 2020 in particular.

The survey reveals that in addition to digital channels being the most widely used by tour operators and travel agents to market their products, social media is the most popular channel of communication. The following table shows which social media channels are the most widely used.





Social Media No of users Percentage
Facebook 150 100%
Instagram 132 88%
Whatsapp 91 61%
Flicker 35 23%
Linkedln 142 95%
Pinterest 93 62%
Tweeter 106 71%
Youtube 55 37%
Google plus 42 28%
Blogging 115 77%
Snapchat 82 55%
Skype 33 22%

Source: personal interviews

The results of the survey also attest to the fact that social media is the preferred digital channel for local residents too and it plays a key role in the design of marketing strategies for the promotion of tourism products. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogging and Twitter are the most popular digital social media channels used by more than 100 tour operators out of 150 in Dubai to market their products in general. Flickr and Skype are the least popular with only around 20% of the tour operators using these services for their marketing purposes.


Hence, we try to portray a picture of international event to domestic market, that how they use such platform to capture the market share. It adheres to massive outreach with qualifying unlimited prospects who are indulging and finding the event importance to them. Continuous marketing helps to draw the customer attention and provokes its positive attitude towards the event. More likely which renders the change in consumer behaviors as well. We can still reap more benefits from this social media which is ocean. It changes human lives and minimize their effort and cost of traditional advertising.



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