Humanity in the time of Covid-19


Covid-19 has been declared a global pandemic by world health organization (WHO). Under prevailing situation across the globe social welfare foundations stepping forward and playing vital roles to help fight against coronavirus. Government of majority countries releases huge relief budgets to curtail emergency. It’s impossible to win battle against coronavirus without owner’s large conglomerates and pivotal ventures. Pandemic feels like universal experience but we have to recognize that not all of us experience it equally. There are uplifting stories of triumph of humanity and indomitable human spirit.


Tribute to doctors

I know the health care workers around the globe are striving day and night to save life’s during this pandemic. Poorly resourced and under equipped ones such as our biggest hero’s. Ample of doctors and paramedics lost their life’s in struggling with corona. Young soul Dr Usama belongs from province Baluchistan lost his life, after getting infected from virus. 76 years old Pakistani Dr Habib passed away in London under the stroke of pandemic, his wife also quarantine herself after acquiring the virus from his husband. A doctor working nonstop in china for almost 10 days, unfortunately silent killer doesn’t allow him to saw the dawn light of 11th morning. Last but not least Miss Gita Ramjee an African researcher of HIV and tuberculosis died yesterday due covid-19. Ramjee was chief scientific officer at Aurum institute, situated in Johannesburg. She just retuned from a symposium in UK when she ill with virus. Gita was an inspirational role for young scientists.  In Pakistan and rest over the world military officials are paying guard of honors to doctor for their unprecedented endeavors against silent & deadly virus. The news pouring in may be depressing even alarming but keep faith.


Philanthropists in action

1 Bill gates foundation announced grants of total $3.7million to support the efforts against virus. As a part of ongoing research and technical assistance foundation releases $1million to provide accurate information in public health sector so can people can take appropriate measures to prevent further spread of disease.

2 Nestle Pakistan to pledge 100 million rupees to help vulnerable communities. In national cause nestle is come forward with huge support for inferior segment. They will cater their needs in the form of dairy products, cereals, milk and juices. They have also massive plan for supply to quarantine centers across the country. They have specific collaborations to NGOs to keep their operations with out any hassle. Meanwhile nestle is world class company which have to follow international standards and SOPs in every process, so keep ensuring the safety of their staff. They promise to work tirelessly to make sure their products must be in the market to cater the demand under the critical time of Covid crisis.

3 Shahid Afridi Foundation (Hope Not OUT) is working with full zeal and zest. Foundation has a huge support of youngsters and stalwart donors from different institutions like army, business owners and government officials. They are doing unprecedented work since COVID came. People and fans supporting it from across the borders, Harbajan Singh (Indian Spiner) encourages the efforts of (SAF) in a video message and requested Yuvarj Singh (Indian Batsman) supports in this great cause. Right after his video message Yuvarj has to face serious critics and threats from his social media followers to speak in the favor of Pakistani organization and especially from the field of cricket.

4 Elderly women donated all her hajj savings to fight against COVID-19. Haj is one of the pillars of Islam and its mandatory to do once in a life. After a deadly virus enters Pakistan, she donated her savings which was around 5 lacs.

 5 Engro corporation donated one hundred crore to a national cause. Chairman Haier Gruop also provided masks and contributed in PMs Corona fund whereas Pepsi cola international starts a campaign with million meals to serve humanity  Pakistan make generous donations.  The indomitable human spirit will triumph in the end.

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