How to Withdraw Funds From Payoneer to Jazz Cash in Step by Step


Now Jazz cash account link with payoneer account

Payoneer is one of the great financial services provider company which provides and facilitate cross border online money transfer ,it proved to be very beneficial in connecting businesses and professionals across countries and currencies ,

It helps  entrepreneurs  and freelancers to get their payments  from their international and local clients .payoneer provides its cross border transactional services in almost 200 different countries and territories . it supports more than 150 local currencies.

There are different ways to use payoneer and makes the online transactions possible by getting paid and sending payments so  Payoneer account holders can also receive and send their payments and funds into their bank accounts ,payonner e-wallet or onto prepaid master card debit card which can also be used online but now there is good news  for pakistani entrepreneurs  and freelancers who now can send and receive payments through their local jazz cash account by connecting it to payoneer on their app which you can install from app store.

Payoneer supports and serve 4 million customers worldwide supporting in more than 70 languages at least   with just a team of  320 employees,

Now international  company for online money transfer wordwide including Pakistan has linked its services with local Pakistan telecommunication company Jazz .if you are an freelancer and using payoneer for receiving and sending payments online also satisfied with their services and continue to use payoneer then there is good news for you . As we know that first we had multiple ways for getting  payments online from international clients including withdrawing  payments  from our local bank accounts in which you simply have to share your bank account details with payoneer on your payoneer dashboard .

How to Transfer of money through jazz cash with payoneer

Now another feature has been introduced in pakistan by payoneer and Jazz cash service mutual understanding to facilitate the freelancers in pakistan which is very  secure ,quick ,cheapest and reliable above all it will serve as your mobile wallet.


How to withdraw money from payoneer to jazz cash

Here are  the simplest ways and guide to withdraw money from payoneer account to  jazz cash account and then from jazz cash in your wallet .

Once you get paid  online from your international client or customer in your payoneer account then you can transfer it to your jazz cash account ,there is  no limit in transferring money from your payonner account to jazz cash even you can transfer  your 1$ into your jazz cash account which is a great initiative  in my views because first we used to face minimum limit for withdrawing money . This is an awesome feature. Now, you don’t have to wait for $100 in payoneer account to transfer them to local bank. Now you can even withdraw $1 from payoneer to your jazz cash account. Payoneer is currently giving 151 rupees against $1 when transferred to local bank. However it is 154 rupees against $1 using Jazz Cash .

Steps for transferring money from payoneer to jazz cash

1-go  to play store , download and install latest Jazz cash app in your andriod smartphone but if you already have installed jazz cash app then there is no need to do so but in other case you have to install and create jazz cash account.

jazz cash application for payoneer money widraw

2-once you open your jazz cash account then below you will see the pyoneer icon on display

jazz 1.

3- click on pyoneer icon and then read the steps shown carefully to link jazz cash account with payoneer account.

jazz 2

4- enter your payoneer login credentials ,

payoneet to jazz cash widraw method

5- now you have successfully linked  jazz cash account with payoneer account ,and  you have right to transfer even 1$ from your payonner account to jazz cash account.

jazz cash link to payoneer accountjazz cash withdraw to payoneer accoutn method step by step

6- when you are about to transfer money ,then you have to put your jazz cash pin code then it will be successfully transferred . Congratulations

payoneer money transfer to jazz cash account methodpayoneet to jazz cash payment transer method onlinejazz cash payment transaction from payoneer


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