How To Show Your PS4 Activity On Discord

How To Show Your PS4 Activity On Discord

How To Show Your PS4 Activity On Discord

Knowing how to facilitate cross-platform offers you a great opportunity to meet and play with online friends, above all when the current situation in the world persists to develop, and face-to-face interactions are difficult or not safe to manage. With the arrival of Seasons like Chapter 2 of Fortnite, you need to make any major changes, so if you want to ride behind a shark and demolish a new base, then this is working with your friends and forming an alliance Good method goal.

However, there are some stipulations. This particular method depends on the use of a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux computer and this is called the PS4Discord application, which can send your information to Discord. This is a very simple application, but it does a great job and supports PlayStation 4 (PS4), PS3, and PlayStation Vita games.

If you are ready to form a team with your friends, it is definitely worth working together in multiple formats, because once the cross-platform is enabled, you can compete with anyone, whether they use PS4, Xbox, a PC, Switch or even mobile devices can jump off the battle bus and come into action. If you are, doing this also means that any movement you make on your account will be a shift to each platform, which means that no matter when or where you are playing, you can always admittance your own season level, battle pass, and Locker items.

The first noticeable thing here is that you can only play cross-platform with friends on your classic account. This is different from your PS4 or Xbox 1 friends list, so if you are playing on a game console, make sure to go to and register for an account. If you play a game on a PC or mobile device, you already have one of them.

Its screen is a bit different from the screen you see from Xbox Live because it can bring a rich appearance to the application. For example, when your name shows “Play Apex Legends” on Xbox Live in the sidebar of Discord, all your friends will see “PlayStation 4 is playing.”

However, if you click on your name, the rich presence will indeed take over. In many cases, you will get game art (although not all games are currently supported), but you will also get the name of the game, where you are, and the time beyond since you started playing.

In many ways, it is actually more stylish than direct Xbox Live integration. The disadvantage is that the only way it works is when your computer is turned on and the application is running. It is minimized to the system tray, so it does not have to be active in the foreground, but this is the price that must be paid to use the rich state instead of direct integration.

This means that you cannot just jump into the mobile lobby and eliminate all the opposites as a PC player-this is completely unfair due to increased resolution, better controls, etc. Part of the platform hierarchy is the lobby where you will pair. For example, if you have a mobile player, a PS4 player, and a PC player on the same team, then you will all play against the PC player.

Now, you need to be friends with anyone who wants to play cross-platform Fortnite games throughout your account. Likewise, if you are on the console, you need a PC or Mac. Download Epic Launcher, open it, and log in to your account. Next, click on the outline in the upper right corner, then enter your friend’s Epic email address or username, and click OK. Repeat this process to invite all your friends. Once they accept your friend’s request, you can return to the system of your choice. Now when you click on the silhouette, you will be able to see all your friends, highlight your name, and then select “Join Party” to enter their lobby.

That is it! This is how to permit cross-platform Fortnite competitions. The only important issue now is that if you are on different devices, you cannot enter the party chat. If you want to communicate, you must be inventive and use things like Google Hangouts, Skype, or Discord.