Here’s How Frank Castle Became the Cosmic Ghost Rider Series


How Frank Castle Became the Cosmic Ghost Rider

We all grew up reading the marvelous comic books and enjoying them, these comic books developed a sense of creativity and curiosity in us. Many of us who grew up to these comic books, later went on to become successful writers. These characters of the Comics Ghost Rider were like a part of our lives. I still remember I would sometimes insist my father take me to one of the famous comic characters places, every time he would laugh and promise me to take me there this weekend.


What is the impact of comics on our lives?

This was every child’s dream to have these shirts, stickers, and school bags. Our shoppings were incomplete without this. Comics were like a part of our lives, still, when we recall our childhoods, we remember being crazy for the comics and the characters. Still, our reunion stories are about the comic characters and how we have different thoughts and assumptions about the characters.

Meeting the Characters:

Meeting the characters was everyone’s biggest dream in childhood, some still have this dream. Although only the luckiest ones got to meet the characters in real but this was also a moment of immense pleasure for everyone to meet the jokers wearing the costumes and assume that they are real. We still can see the jokers wearing those costumes in events, which indeed is a moment to cherish for the children.


Cosmic-Ghost- Rider


A childish memory to recall:

I remember exactly that when I was in primary school, once an event was organized by KFC at our school, on that event, there were jokers wearing the costumes of a big fat hen and a Spiderman. When my younger brother saw the hen, he was really scared and started crying while I was enjoying the show, and waiting for Spiderman to climb the 6-floor building. How silly we were? Huh;

How this all started?

The history of comics can be traced in many countries and cultures like Japan, Korea, British, China, India, and many other countries but modern comics emerged at the start of the 20th century in America for kids and got pretty famous until the 1930s. These comics were in the form of printed pamphlets, but later on, they were also made in the forms of cartoons and now there are even Hollywood movies and long-running series.

In the 1930’s the genres of superheroes were introduced which were an instant hit, so if you are thinking that you are only huge fans of these superheroes, you are wrong, your grandparents were probably also crazy for these superheroes because these superheroes never get old. The all-time famous superhero, Superman was introduced in 1938, ain’t it an interesting fact?

What is it impacts on the economy?

The economist has carried out long studies, studying the effect and impact of comics on the world’s economy, because at a certain stage in life the comics were at the peak of fame in the world. In fact, a whole new comic industry was setup where thousands of people worked and earned their bread.


Cosmic-Ghost- Rider


According to leading economists, comics helped in the circulation of money in society and helped in rising the world’s economy.

The picture shows how big comics shops were opened in every city, in which every kind of comics was available to be purchased.

The Comic Ghost Rider:

The comic ghost rider is a name that refers to a group of comic characters which was created by Roy Thomas and his co-workers. It was introduced for the first time in the year of 1972. It was published for the first time by an American comics company named as Marvel comics.

Physical appearance:

The ghost rider looked like a ghost, with a skull and fleshless body with a blazed of fire rising from his head. He would often ride on a motorcycle.

Zarathos Angel:

The ghost rider was regarded in the group of angels known as the Zarathos angel. The Zarathos in the comics books is an angel and God has assigned him with the work of justice, his work is to provide justice, help the oppressed ones and protect the innocent people on Earth.


Cosmic-Ghost- Rider



Since it’s the first release, the cosmic ghost rider was a hit, the people loved it and the directors thought of making movies on the cosmic ghost rider.

Dozens of movies were made in Hollywood on the cosmic ghost rider until the one best successful and most favorite movies of all time were made on the cosmic ghost rider. The movie was named as “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance:


This movie was made in the year of 2011 and was the sequel of its predecessor movie named “ghost rider”. This movie was a super hit, although it’s running time was only 95 minutes, but the audience loved its plot and story.

The lead role in this movie was played by Nicolas Cage, he acted as the ghost rider.

This movie was released in February of 2012 in both 2D and 3D cinemas. This movie did a business of 132.6 million dollars, which is almost double of its whole budget.

This movie was shot in the United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. Although this was a hit, bud didn’t catch much attention of the audience on IMDb and was rated just 5.2 out of 10.


Cosmic-Ghost- Rider


These movies ran on the cinema screen for years, but the most interesting fact out it is that the hero, Nicolas Cage in one of his interviews said that he isn’t such a big fan of Ghost Rider movies, which was kind of shocking for some fans.


The ghost rider was introduced to the fans and audience in the year of 1972 and is still one of the favorites because of his role and character. He brings justice to evil and protects the oppressed ones, which is very interesting for the readers. Until now, it has appeared in almost 14 series and is planned to appear in the 15th very soon, people are wondering who might be the 15th ghost rider, but one of the news agencies broke the news that this might be our all-time famous Thanos.