Govt. releases 20 points to grapple congregational prayers during Ramadan


Prsident of Pakistan chaired a high level meeting with top religious sermons to determine SOP’s for mandatory congregational prayers. In Holy month of Ramadan people try to do special supplications in whole month. As social distancing directives, mobbing is not allowed to curtail virus spread. In mosque we need to apply some measures,

Children and above 50 and those who are suffering from any disease are not allowed to enter in the mosque for prayers.

safety marking on floor must be printed to maintain distance from each other.

No carpets laid down on floors in the mosque and imam barghas, whereas encourage people to bring their own prayer mats. During the prayers a minimum distance of 6ft should be maintain, whereas people are refrained from any sort of gathering after namaz.

People are directed to wear masks and should come to mosque with full ablution from home. After namaz floors should be washed with mixture of chlorine to disinfect all surroundings. Outside the mosque prayers are not allowed.

The president also said that government can change any part of its policy on mosques during Ramazan if it feels these measures are not being followed or if the number of corona virus cases surge.

Stay indoor stay safe

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