First Look at Game of Bones, A Parody of the Highest rated shows


First Look at Game of Bones

We have a significant delay until Game of Thrones returns next March… in any case, dread not! Scenes of Game of Bones, the pornography spoof from Chief Lee Roy Myers, will begin showing up on the Web in only two or three weeks. (Counting a female Joffrey!) We have the principal selective mystery and cast photographs, in addition to a meeting with Myers.

Look down to see cast photographs for Game of Bones: Winter is Cumming, which makes a big appearance its first scene on on Oct. 25. Not imagined, as per Myers, are “pornified” adaptations of Varys, Tyrion Lannister, Jorah Mormont, and King Joffrey, “played by a legitimate matured female.”

We conversed with Myers, who likewise did a Buffy the Vampire Slayer pornography spoof, about making the primary Game of Thrones pornography parody:

Were there any thoughts for the Game of Thrones porno that appeared to be excessively off-base or evil to do?

Truly. The entire Cersei and Jaime Lannister, sibling and sister sexual relationship is no-no. At WoodRocket, we ordinarily attempt to stay away from inbreeding as a running subject in pornography.

And afterward, did you feel free to do them at any rate?

Not actually. In any case, we do recognize it. It’s a tremendous piece of the arrangement, and on the off chance that we can’t talk about it, we ought to presumably pick diverse source material. Possibly something less disputable, as Oldboy or A Serbian Film or Smurfs 2.

Given how frequently the main couple periods of Game of Thrones would utilize intimate moments to ramble composition, did you try different things with having pornstars recount irregular plot subtleties from the arrangement while they were screwing on screen?

Obviously! What’s a sexual moment without, “Ooohs” and “awwws” and “Robb, possibly not proceeding with your settled upon marriage was a misstep”?

Is your Iron Throne made out of dildos? If it’s not too much trouble say yes.

Truly. Much obliged to you for the recommendation, incidentally.

Westeros is a medieval domain that is endeavoring to modernize and advance toward the standard of law even with settled in power structures, and this procedure is muddled by the arrival of enchantment. How would you feel X-evaluated sexual moments can assist with enlightening these topics?

Sexuality is vital to winning wars and losing wars. And keeping in mind that the arrangement adds exchange to uncover this or a little bareness, we can investigate this all the more completely. We get the chance to infiltrate the story. What’s more, we will likewise show enchantment.

Is there a X-evaluated rendition of “the man who passes the judgment must swing the blade?” Who does Ned Stark attach with, in any case?


Not a chance. We are concentrating on the most recent period of the TV arrangement. We found that regardless of Ned Stark’s decapitation making for some great and hot word-play, the visuals would most likely gross a few people out.

What was the most odd blending you thought of? Any pairings that are absolutely not in the books or TV arrangement?

As fanatics of the show, myself and my co-essayist Audrey Palmer, we would not like to wander excessively far from what the first story did. It’s a satire, however we likewise need to give watchers the characters that they need to see having intercourse, having intercourse. In any case, I would prefer not to give a lot of away. You’ll need to check out discover who is schtupping who. I will throw out there that the Red Wedding is currently anything other than a white wedding.

Is it true that you are going to show us precisely what Podrick did that was so incredible?


Does Daenerys eat a pony heart? Or on the other hand is there something different thusly?

Thusly: she sticks something in her mouth.

Since you realize Hustler is additionally making a Game of Thrones pornography parody, do you feel additional strain to one-up Axel Braun? Is there a sense wherein in the event that you play the Game of Porn, you win or you kick the bucket?

Apologies, there’s no genuine show here. No game to play. We will do our form and afterward they will do theirs. I’m certain that both will be extraordinary. Obviously, our own will come out sooner and you can watch it for nothing on our site,

In reality, on second thought, how would you turn the “win or bite the dust” motto into something reasonably phenomenal?

I’d go with, “Win or Die…or Fuck”

How hard was it to make sets that were suggestive of the sets in the TV appear? What was the hardest set to reproduce?

It was troublesome catching the medieval engineering look on a careful spending plan. In any case, I am certain that individuals will welcome the degree of consideration we paid to the detail. Particularly when they see the Throne Room. Individuals are going to blow their heaps when they see that set.