Essential Social Distancing


The key to stopping the spread of corona virus is social distancing. Yet not many are unwilling to pay heed and no resilient measures could be taken, fact is no one ready for this disaster. Hundreds of Chinese plunge into virus with in no time which transfers to unlimited just because of very high intensity. Later on, china took amazing measures to minimize spread of contagion. They work tirelessly 24/7 to eradicate monster coronavirus. Hence, they developed some essential SOP’s which are followed by rest of countries which are under arrest of virus. Some of them are Social distancing, washing hands, use of masks and keep away from crowded places. Many doctors and paramedics staff contracted virus due to influx of corona patients to hospitals. This is a hyper active viral disease which cannot makes difference between any so my urge to all of you keep washing your hands, keep sanitizers along with your belongings, try to tr avoid unnecessarily travelling, keep wearing masks, keep the distance from your respondent approximately of 3feet. Don’t borrows anything from strangers.

Many suffered with appalling diseases under stroke of virus. Graph of deaths is rising rapidly in European countries who have a lot of resources and research. They are striving their best to face the pandemic but unfortunately UK didn’t take appropriate measures regarding social distancing and meanwhile in America. Italy and Spain also facing worse times which left them in wreaked havoc. in china after a long-time life is backing to normal situation. Schools and colleges are opening gradually but safety measures are remaining in practice. Suspension has pushed many businesses to bankruptcy but quarantine measures have been loosened many are prepared in rebound in production.

How to stay calm in pandemic

During this period of social distancing with no distractions in the form of outdoor recreation and the seemingly worsening outbreak our mental health in stake. Here are few guild lines to get you started.

  • Stay socially connected while maintaining social distancing.

American physiological association says, maintain social networks can foster a sense of normality and provide valuable outlets for sharing feelings and reliving stress. So, reach out your friends via video calling the moment you start to mentally spiral downwards.

  • Minimize tracking of COVID-19

Learn to differentiate between panic and awareness. Limit your exposure to news and social media updates. If you are using social media apps try to follow accounts that keeps you happy and entertained.

  • Focus on the facts that keep perspective

Get information through proper channels and credible resources, WhatsApp and face posts are mostly based on biasness.

  • Exercise

Neurotransmitters known to be mood elevators. And reduces levels of stress hormones. Yoga is also beneficial for relaxing and for muscular relaxation. So, incorporate them in your daily regime.

  • Set a routine

Plan your activities entire day. Rotate your activity 1 with 2 on next day so this keeps you engage and keep busy in your routine. Watching Netflix makes you stir crazy. Pace yourself couple of hours exclusively for each task.

  • Build your resume

Websites like MIT Open courseware, Stanford online, Coursera and many other are offering reputable free online courses on wide range of subjects, ranging from robotics to nutrition. Some other universities even offer college university credits.

  • Learn a hobby or new skill

Focus on your locus of control practice clean eating clean living. Work on your sleep hygiene.

This time is precious. It might be the only time we have left.

We are getting time to make amends with our Maker, who isn’t too happy with us – that much we all agree upon – let us not waste it. It is a time for self-reckoning, and to realize our faults.

Utilize this idle time for your own benefit. Read Quran learn short surahs Ramzan is coming get ready for it. Read other historical Islamic books which are great guides for a practical life, International Islamic university Islamabad offers many relevant programs.

Yes, lets us express our love for each other especially family members. Be kind to your staff who is with us at such a time. Give ‘off’ to as many staff members as possible. At least let them take leave in between, without pay cuts. Provide them with sanitizers, gloves, masks etc. Keep a warm and happy atmosphere in your home.


stay indoor stay safe and stay tune to magmega for more updates