8 Brilliant Ways to use Yoga Wheel

 Yoga Wheel

 Yoga Wheel Used in Different methods

If you are using Social Media on a daily basis, you have seen pictures on your feed of people using Yoga wheel and doing Yoga. You may have not sure what this equipment is or how you can use it effectively to get the maximum benefit.


In this article, I will describe 8 Brilliant ways to use Yoga wheels.

Open Your Shoulder:

With this gadget, you can open your shoulder like you never did it before. Just place this gadget under your shoulder in a vertical manner and open your arm. Sit on the mat and put all your weight on the Yoga wheel. Just Roll on it, lie on it, take a deep breath while rolling on it and relax on it. It will help your stress to fade away gradually and you will feel it that your stress is reducing. It is most effective while inhaling and exhaling your breath and when you do yoga on it it feels so good.

Open Your Sides:

Opening the side on the yoga wheel is not an easy task, many people won’t be able to place it in the right position while just watching the Yoga Instructor. However, if you place it in the right position it will open your sides and create a spaces for your movements that you never experience before. You just need to lay down on the Yoga Wheel with your side on it and just roll over it.

Open Your Back:

To open your back you need to lay down on the Yoga Wheel and place the wheel at the center of your backbone. It will give you support and you will be starting to lose tension. Jut lie on the wheel with your knees and hands folding towards each other and roll over it while inhaling and exhaling your breath.

Advance your Backends:

With this Yoga wheel, you not only open your back but it also enhances your back flexibility. You can play with it through the different levels and reach the advance of your backends that you may haven’t felt it before. You need to proceed with extreme care, knowledge, awareness and have to take lot of a deep breath while using Yoga Wheel. While doing yoga only you would know it that how your body is feeling and in what way it is more relaxing for you. So just practice in the way in which you feel more relaxed.

Improve Your Balance:

This wheel help you to maintain your balance. If you can balance on it then it will be pretty easy for you to balance on anything. At the start just practice it by placing your hands on the ground and your foot on the Yoga Wheel. When you can maintain your balance in this position then start by standing on the Wheel at your desired position.

Strengthen for Inversions:

If you want to do a handstand and won’t be able to do it properly then this Yoga Wheel is here to solve your problem. Just place your hands on the ground and your foot on the Yoga Wheel and roll it inwards and then outwards. Roll it until you got your hips, shoulders, and wrists get in the line. The wheel will help you in learning your exact placement and strengthen your arms. With the practice, you would be able to balance your position in a handstand.

Improve Your Flexibility:

It is an amazing device that will help you to open your hamstring, your hips, and other poses at your lower body. You can feel that your body becomes more flexible and the movements between your joints are easy. To remove your hamstring just place your feet on the Yoga Wheel and move your body towards the wheel by just holding the wheels with your arms under your legs. You can easily remove your hamstring or any other lower back pain.

Hollow Back:

With the help of the Yoga Wheel, you will be easily able to find the famous Hollow Back position. You just need to place the wheel under your feet in an upward position and use your hands to hold the wheel while stretching your chest and roll it slowly. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale slowly.